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Winter Solstice Release 12.21

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The Subnovas, hailed by the Nashville Scene as “post-everything,” take their notes from progressive and art rock acts, and their sound embodies influences ranging from King Crimson to Talking Heads to Deerhunter to The Strokes, all employed in various clouded, obscurantist forms. After cutting their teeth in the robust DIY scene of Murfreesboro, TN for a few formative years—growing from the original 2-piece (Michael Taylor on vocals & guitar, Jason Brooks on drums) to a 3-piece (adding David Sabludowsky on bass guitar)—the band moved to Nashville in 2013. Not long after, the trio auditioned an acquaintance, Greg Dorris, on synthesizer, seeking to expand their sound beyond the angular, punchy, guitar-driven path they’d trod so far.

The Subnovas spent 2014 honing their core songs that would go on to comprise the majority of their nascent album Between the Light Years. Dorris acquired home recording gear, and they set about engineering and recording their material in Brooks’ Basement, The Strange Handle, a sometime-venue, all-the-time DIY space in East Nashville. At the end of that year, Sabludowsky moved home to New Orleans, going on to start the punk act Casual Burn.

On 20 December, 2014, The Subnovas sent Sabludowsky off with a blast of a “final” show for the Winter Solstice. That finale was not so final, however. The album had always wanted to be finished, and, in between obligations with other acts the members were actively involved in—Tayls, Mesmer Tea, Chalaxy, the aforementioned Casual Burn—the feverish sessions to finish the writing and tracking of the album continued.

Cue the scattered montage through to 2018—more writing, recording, and commissioning artwork that includes a comic booklet with lyrics—and we arrive abruptly at the release of Between the Light Years for the 2018 Winter Solstice, 4 years and a day after their “final” show.

Between the Light Years is an album about the end. The end of the world. Of relationships. Of former selves. Of a band, maybe. Of everything. So, maybe the genre tag “post-everything” wasn’t so flip after all. On the darkest day of a dark year in a dark time, something will be visible on the horizon, between the light years, briefly.

Atlas with Cracked Earth
TV Head Man 2
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  • slide 10 Echoes Through the Endless Night (Remain Reprise)